Axel Bergstrom originally founded Bergstrom Foundry in 1926 along with his two sons Conrad and Lloyd at the foot of "F" street in Aberdeen, Washington.  Bergstrom produced Cast Iron, Brass, and Bronze castings for the Logging & Sawmill industry in the area as well as sewer and drain covers for the cities of Hoquiam and Aberdeen.  They ran the foundry until the early 1930's when like a lot of other businesses they closed the doors due to the depression.   Axel and his sons went to work and ran the Lamb Foundry until 1940 when the Foundry was leased to the Long Brothers of Tacoma and became Long Foundry.  In August of 1945 Axel came out of retirement, and with his son Lloyd, built and started the second Bergstrom Foundry Co. located in Hoquiam, Washington (right next door to Aberdeen) producing Aluminum, Brass, and Bronze castings.  Axel Bergstrom retired in late 1960 after 62 years in the foundry industry.  Lloyd Bergstrom continued to run the Foundry until 1962 when his son-in-law Kenneth Miller took over the foundry.  Ken owned and operated the foundry until 1989.  In April of 1989 Bergstrom Foundry Co. was sold to Donald Little, Ken's nephew, and was Incorporated.  Don owned and operated the Foundry until December of 1993 when Bergstrom Foundry, Inc. purchased Peterson Foundry in Seattle, Washington.  At that time two partners, Martin Hauso who was working as the Foundry Foreman at Bergstrom, and Bill Newman who was working for Lamb-Grays Harbor joined the firm.  Both Foundries were operated separately until June of 1994 when they were combined at the present 10,000 sq. ft location on State Street in Aberdeen, right around the corner from the original 1926 location on "F" street.   Bergstrom Foundry's has seen a lot of changes in the foundry industry over the years and has grown from the solid foundation that Axel Bergstrom set down 90 years ago.


Q. What metals do you cast?

A. We specialize in Aluminum, Brass and Bronze.  We cast a wide variety of alloys.  We can meet your specifications or assist you in generating one. See our Alloy Specifications Page

Q.  What is your Foundry Process?

A.  We are primarily a Green Sand Foundry but also use the air set/ no bake process.     

Q. Who are some companies you are currently working with?

A. Ingersoll-Rand, National Products, Legacy, too name a few.

Q.  What is your standard lead time?

A.  Our standard lead time is 3-4 weeks, but if your in trouble will do what it takes to get you going.